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Principal Carmen Navarro shares experience with the PATHS® Curriculum

Principals Quotes

Natasha Buckner

GR Clark Elementary School

“I equate the CARE program to the analogy of when you are on an airplane and flight attendants review the safety routines and they give the direction of 'in the event of an emergency in which you have to use a mask, be sure to put your mask on first before helping others' with the CARE program we are putting on our masks both personally and professionally."


Dawn Sydnor

"At Morrill, we recognize the importance of connection, empathy, and support, especially during this time. With the shift of learning virtually this year, having PATHS  to support our students' social and emotional learning has helped our classrooms build a sense of community and has given students the chance to learn and talk about important emotions and feelings."

Carmen Navarro

Mariano Azuela Elementary School

“PATHS has made a difference in my school climate as students feel that their teachers care about their feelings and opinions... PATHS allows students to learn the language of feelings and emotions thus, are able to articulate with clarity what is affecting their mood and outlook.”

"Azuela loves PATHS! Students and teachers come together in a space that promotes respect, dialogue and most importantly honors every child's dignity! " 

Clifford Gabor

Mary Lyon School

"First, I have to say thank you for all of your leadership and support.  It was an incredibly challenging year for us and I am thankful to Project Catalyze for providing a breath of fresh air amid all of the situations we faced as a school.  Project Catalyze is a well-organized group.  I wish to thank Ms. Cameron for all of her help.  


I wish to acknowledge all of the work of Mark Greenberg and Christa Turksma - I found the (CARE) sessions extremely helpful.  I did appreciate the workshops and I am grateful to both of them for providing focus - especially around setting an intention for the day and the value of listening and self-reflection.


Thank you to PATHS - Dorothy Morelli always gives us her best when working with the staff and I wish to thank PATHS for providing additional support to my school around problem-solving.


Thank you Project Catalyze for giving our staff techniques to relate better to our children, our families, and all of our stakeholders."

Meet the CATALYZE researchers, learn more about our project and the programs we want to bring to your school! 

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