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Hi CPS Teachers!

Teacher with Pupils

We are excited to work with you and the education workforce in Chicago. We understand the high levels of stress teachers experience in the classroom, and want to support their wellbeing with CATALYZE, a unique program that seeks to boost students’ social and emotional learning by introducing specific skills to help teachers manage stress and build supportive relationships with students.  


By combining two effective programs (PATHS® + CARE), we hope to catalyze a boost in teacher, classroom, and student outcomes. 


Teachers will:

  • Have the opportunity to participate in PATHS® 

  • Complete surveys

  • Teach the PATHS® lessons


If selected to receive CARE, teachers will also:

  • Participate in CARE workshops

  • Practice CARE concepts in their daily work

PATHS® is a registered trademark of PATHS Programs, LLC. 

Webinar On-Demand

  • CATALYZE Project Webinar On-demand
    CATALYZE Project Webinar On-demand
    CATALYZE Project: Catalyzing Teachers and Students' SEL outcomes.
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